Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Swedish ISP does not preserve customer ID information

A Swedish internet service provider, Bahnhof, has a practice of deleting customer identification information "couplings" at the earliest stage possible.

The company's CEO, Jon Karlung, says he is opposed to the new Swedish anti-filesharing law, and that "It's about the freedom to choose, and the law makes it possible to retain details. We're not acting in breach of IPRED; we're following the law and choosing to destroy the details."

According to a company spokesman, earlier reports that the company had "begun" deleting customer information in order to thwart the new law which went into effect April 1st are incorrect.

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drf said...

To clarify, we (Bahnhof) have not "begun deleting information" of any kind, we have always discarded this sort of informationcouplings in the earliest stage possible in our ongoing efforts to provide iNTeGriTY-marked(swedish language ahead) broadband for our customers.

This is not an action spurred out of spite against the incoming barrage of integrity-violating laws but a continuous service that we have provided for our customers since the very beginning in 1994.

(End of clarification)

raybeckerman said...

Dear drf;

Please email me to confirm the authenticity of your statement. I will then pull the article, as according to you, the report on the Local is untrue.

drf said...

Mail sent (from my work-email, with my real name).

raybeckerman said...

Thank you. The article has been corrected.