Saturday, June 13, 2009

Correspondent Marc Bourgeois to cover Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rasset trial in person for Recording Industry vs The People

Hello everyone,

I'm Marc W. Bourgeois, and I will be providing on-site coverage of the Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rasset trial from Minneapolis, MN. I'm an IT professional living in Madison, WI who for the past several years has had a keen interest in peer-to-peer related copyright enforcement, specifically with the recording industry litigation campaign.

I currently work for a Madison based online retailer managing system and network infrastructure. I've previously worked for the University of Wisconsin, Division of University Housing, where a portion of my job responsibilities included the processing of copyright related cease-and-desist (DMCA) notifications and the technical aspects relating to the recording industry pre-litigation campaign targeting colleges and universities.

I attended the previous trial in Duluth, MN and am looking forward to providing readers a first hand point-of-view for this trial and how it compares to the previous trial in October of 2007.

I will also be providing shorter updates throughout the trial via twitter at:

Thank you and I look forward to providing readers an important first-hand perspective next week.

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Unknown said...

I hope the RIAA gets put in their place. Their evidence at best is shaky against any online computer because they do not know who is in front of the computer. On top of that MAC address and IP's can be spoofed to look like someone else's. So unless the RIAA has video proof of the person actually downloading and distributing while they are sitting in front of the computer they have no case. In addition, what gives them the right to go into someone else's computer to see which files they have or don't have. When this is done in other industries it is called hacking and it is illegal. They are suppose to obtain their evidence lawfully and not unlawfully. By doing this they are putting themselves above the police, prosecutors, judges and the justice system.

Anonymous said...

The public at large has never seen the RIAA as an entity that has to follow within the framework that our laws provide. Whether they get information in legal ways or not is not important to them. However, I am extremely sad to repeatedly see our own government side with greedy big business at the cost of the freedom of modern man.

Oldphart in Kansas

raybeckerman said...

I rejected a question that had been submitted because I found it offensive.

raybeckerman said...

Sorry, I still find it offensive. Yes I have mentioned something I found inappropriate at the last trial, but I'm not going to raise the spectre of something inappropriate happening at this trial.

raybeckerman said...

Rejected a comment from the same, long time reader, in essence calling me a conformist for rejecting the first 2 comments.

This is not a game.

People's lives are at stake in these cases.

The purpose of this blog is to help those people, not to hurt them.

I have to use my judgment, and if I think something is out of line, I can't let it in.