Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My talk

Today, from 5:45 PM EST, to 6:45 PM EST, I gave a live talk as part of the "Copyright War Summit" on BrightTalk.

I believe the recorded version can be accessed at this link. Reading materials are here.

I didn't do too well, getting confused by some of the technical features (and by some of the 'questions' from Alter_Fritz), so don't feel constrained to listen to it.

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Alter_Fritz said...

only 2 "questions" from me there were!

One a note that the racial point Mr. B should not be going into detail to much since the new trial will be held elsewhere anyway.
And one question I asked the moment when Mr. B mentioned that the RIAA has no case I asked that they did well in those 35000 cases so far and so what is wrong with the judges then?.

"Blaming" me and my 2 questions for that you hadn't a good "roter Faden" for that presentation is lame Ray.
IMO you must seriously work on your skills as a topic presenter.
(But I guess that's why you are a lawyer and not a talkshow host, aren't you?) ;-)

Alter_Fritz said...

P.S. We must use this link, your's only for you the talk presenter

Tom N. said...

I think it was a very positive webcast, bringing up a lot of interesting points and pieces of what is going on. For those who have little exposure to it, I'm sure it would be an eyeopener.

To some degree there were moment of losing the red thread throughout what is occuring, however considering RIAA's litigation strategy is a whole major mess, I'm not sure it's entirely possible to cover it end to end and still not leave people scratching their heads wondering how it all fits together.

With an aim to educate people on what is going on, it's an excellent piece of the puzzle.

Colby Guyer said...

a lot of good points. Thank you for bringing all this information together and keeping the community updated one what all is going on.