Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"Copyright War Summit"

Today, at 5:45 PM EST, I will be giving a live talk as part of the "Copyright War Summit" on BrightTalk. There will be Q&A.

The Copyright War Summit explores the latest developments and theories in copyright law for a digital age. It aims to present viewpoints from all sides of the discussion, from academics, inventors, IP owners, legal professionals and software developers, among others. Program details are listed here.

The sessions are:

-7 am : HADPOPI (David-Irving Tayer);
-11 am : Creative Commons (Fred Benenson);
-12:45 pm : Software Audits (Robert J. Scott);
-2:00 pm : Law vs. Technology (E. Michael Harrington);
-3:15 pm : ACTA (Howard Knopf);
-4:00 pm : Google Book Search (Derek Slater);
-5:45 pm : Recording Industry vs The People (Ray Beckerman);
-7:00 pm : Online Legal Issues (Jefferson Coulter).

If you missed the earlier presentations you can go back and play them.

In my presentation at 5:45 PM I will be discussing recent developments and key issues in the RIAA's litigation campaign campaign against individuals and families. A tentative outline is available here

To attend go here.

I believe the program has been approved for CLE credit.

Here is the player for what is on now:

Commentary & discussion:


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derivative said...


I think it's "HADOPI", not "HADPOPI" (although "HADPOOPI" seems like a reasonable spelling).

Alter_Fritz said...
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raybeckerman said...

Thanks A_F. Yes I was linking to the wrong p2pnet story. Sorry about that.

You know I have no sense of humor at all, so (1) was not even an option.