Monday, June 22, 2009

Anti-filesharing lawyers in Norway lose their license

According to this report in Torrent Freak, the anti-filesharing lawyers in Norway have lost their license to pursue cases of that nature.

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T2 said...

On a somewhat related note, Sweden's Pirate Party won a seat in the European parliament:

Per the above article: "The party wants to deregulate copyright, abolish the patent system and reduce surveillance on the Internet."

An extreme position, for sure, and one that could endanger a balanced, healthy approach towards copyright and its many societal benefits. But when 7.1% of the population is willing to take such an extreme stance against copyright laws, one may wonder whether heavy-handed enforcement approaches are producing the exact opposite effect than that intended.

Let's see what the $2m judgment "won" by the RIAA does for the labels in this country. It is my view, and I've expressed it before, that the RIAA lawyers are doing a disservice to their clients by advising them to use legal means against their clients; given that RIAA counsel is making money in the process, I am very concerned that they have taken the labels for a ride, at a time when these companies most needed sound counsel --- to use their funds to explore viable business models in the post-Internet world.

Old Blue said...

This is awesome.