Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Barker scheduled for May 20th status report, June 9th answer

In Elektra v. Barker, the judge set May 20th as the date for a status report, and June 9th as the date for Ms. Barker's answer to the amended complaint.

April 18, 2008, order, scheduling status report and time to answer*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Anonymous said...

Where is the amended complaint?


raybeckerman said...

It hasn't been filed yet.

Anonymous said...

Lucky and Flo from the MPAA visited the plaintiffs here and ate their home...ehm I mean complaintwork

That's the reason why Mr. Moran couldn't file the important page 3: " Your honour the dog ate the complaint page 3, I was only able to get the other ones before Flo could eat them too"

Some of those pirated by MPAA DVD of "this film is not rated yet" were laying under that page 3 and Flo was a bit to agressive in signaling those. So got the page lost! Simple explaination! Mr. Moran is of course not afraid of some blogcommenters analysis'.