Monday, April 28, 2008

Who runs RIAA settlement web site

Interesting article on Slashdot raises the question: "Who runs the RIAA's settlement web site?"

Commentary & discussion:

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Rick Boatright said...

Of course, the problem we have is the exact same one the RIAA has when trying to identify someone offering uploads of song files on the basis of IP number.

We can find out who the phone number is registered to.

We can find out who the WEB SITE is registered to.

But who RUNS the business might be an entirely different matter. I have a lot of web sites that are registered to me, that I do not RUN. And people have rented space in my office and used phone lines registered to me in a variety of ways for businesses that I didn't participate in the running of, but the phone lines were REGISTERED to me.

Just as we must force the RIAA to not extract --too much-- information from an IP address, let's not try to extract too much information from the phone number and web site being registered to PSC in Overland Park KS.