Thursday, March 26, 2009

Comcast is NOT making any policy change & is not going along with RIAA's plan

Well now it's official.

I learned it from "ComcastBonnie" on Twitter.

Comcast is NOT going along with the RIAA's proposed new '3 strikes and you're out', ISP-as-RIAA-enforcement-cop policy.

It is continuing to follow the same policy it has followed for years: if the RIAA sends it a 'notice of alleged infringement', it will forward the notice to its customers. No more and no less.

Official Comcast announcement

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Alter_Fritz said...

So, since organised FILM content already sued an ISP (*)
will organised MUSIC content now sue an ISP too?
And this time not only as a "test" thousands of miles away from homeland where american organised content had not to fear negative press in its own backyard but with all the possible negative press right in New York? (or where does comcast has its headquarters?)

I would not rule that out given how comcast now at least publicly shows RIAA the finger.


raybeckerman said...

Any litigation against them by the RIAA would be frivolous, as long as they follow the law.

usagemayvary said...

has a lot of relevance to this issue:

it's not that they said they wouldn't do it, it's that they simply haven't gotten to the point of warning people 3 consecutive times.

This wasn't a flat out denial.