Thursday, March 19, 2009

Helpful article for musicians on how to promote your music through social media

A very helpful article, in which Ariel Hyatt interviews Cory Denis on how indie musicians can make the best use of social media to reach their fans:

Social Media & Online Marketing For Musicians

Posted: Thursday, 19 March 2009

In this issue I digress from my usual tips and give you an interview with a true tastemaker.

Cory Denis is a woman I admire deeply. She and I have an interesting history. She worked at What Are Records? the label I started out at. But she arrived after I had already left, so we never actually had the pleasure of working together during the time. Cory is nothing short of a genius at marketing bands and artists.

She is brilliant because she thinks about both sides of the fence from the both the artists and the fans perspective.

I’m thrilled that she was willing to be interviewed for this piece. Enjoy her responses.

1. Why is it important that artists participate in social media?

At the very least, learning how to participate in social media will give artists a chance to take advantage of new online tools, which may actually enhance their current projects. Singles, videos and tourdates can be released via new outlets, fans (new and old) will have a new method of communication with artists, and artists will have a new set of tools by which to market their craft. In the face of both an unstable music economy and the evolution of the new music economy
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