Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seeqpod files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, putting case on hold

Just read this report that Seeqpod has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection:

"Troubled SeeqPod Files For Bankruptcy Protection" (TechCrunch)

So much for Capitol Records v. Seeqpod

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Alter_Fritz said...

Hm, they want $29 just for the filed documents.
Can I has a short free explanation from you Ray what "protections" come from such a filing for bankruptcy?

Thanks in advance.


Oh and your bloginternal link gives a "not found" at least for me here too

raybeckerman said...

Legally it means the court case is stayed -- i.e. put on hold. The copyright infringement claim would become part of a "proof of claim" in Bankruptcy Court, and it would be determined there instead of in a regular court.

What it means, practically speaking, is that the claim is now worthless.

raybeckerman said...

The bankruptcy court won't share the RIAA's enthusiasm for awarding huge statutory damages penalties in order to make an "example" out of somebody.

Anonymous said...

The cases commenced against entity which files for bankruptcy are automatically stayed


Matt Fitzpatrick said...

Imagine an Internet without search engines. That's where the RIAA's vision of viral infringement is taking us.

Anonymous said...

Matt Fitzpatrick-
There will be search engines, the RIAA wants to control the results.