Saturday, March 07, 2009

In Maryland case pro se case, UMG Recordings v. Ceesay, Matthew Oppenheim requests settlement conference

In UMG Recordings v. Ceesay, a Maryland case against a pro se litigant who succeeded in having a default judgment vacated, Matthew Oppenheim, acting as the attorney for the plaintiffs, has filed a request for a settlement conference.

Plaintiffs' request for settlement conference

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Anonymous said...

One wonders if Oppenheim is acting as an attorney in this case just to quickly try to retroactively establish himself as an attorney rather than a plaintiff for discovery purposes in Tenenbaum.

raybeckerman said...

No he's been covering the DC area cases himself. Picks up a few extra bucks that way.

Anonymous said...

Ah...thanks for the clarification.

I'll be interested to see who shows up to the settlement conference for Capitol Records v. Thomas since the courts order would seem to preclude Mr. Oppenheim from assuming one of his various roles--not that the plain reading of a court order seems to dissuade the RIAA much