Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Funny piece on "Popehat" about success of the RIAA's "5 year plan"

I recently 'retweeted', but forgot to post here, a link to a funny piece on "Popehat" about the "success" of the RIAA's 5-year plan.

I don't want to quote any of it, because it's pretty short and should be read as a whole. So when you're ready for a laugh, be sure to put your coffee where you can't knock it over, then go to:

"Dizzy with Success"

[Thanks to "Bill" for reminding me. -R.B.]

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Alter_Fritz said...

well, given that the IPFI boss (the international arm of the RIAA) claimed under oath that he believes that every song infringed would have been legally payed for if only the "for free" competition would not exist, this achievement seems to be a real success indeed. :-)