Thursday, August 14, 2008

Collection of materials on RIAA extortionate conduct (work in progress)

This is a work in progress. I am collecting materials on the subject of the RIAA's extortionate behavior. I thought it would be a good idea to centralize this subject and make it collaborative. If you have some favorites you would like to add, to what should be a pretty lengthy post, please email to me, or post them in the comments section. Either way, please provide a specific URL for reference purposes.

Here are a couple, just to start things off:

Ohio University Pays Dr. Doug Jacobson's company $60,000 Plus $16,000 a year in "maintenance"; suddenly RIAA letters stop!

RIAA Insists on Deposing Tanya Andersen's 10-year-old daughter in person, refuses to accept telephone or video deposition

RIAA's expert admits RIAA investigator could not 'detect an individual' even though RIAA lawyers have been filing court papers saying investigator 'detected an individual'

Magistrate Judge suggests Rule 11 sanctions for RIAA lawyers' "gamesmanship" on joinder issue

Judge says: "The concern of this Court is that in these lawsuits, potentially meritorious legal and factual defenses are not being litigated, and instead, the federal judiciary is being used as a hammer by a small group of plaintiffs to pound settlements out of unrepresented defendants"

Commentary & discussion:

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raybeckerman said...

I'm going to be rejecting comments that don't provide the specific URL as I requested.

StephenH said...

Here is a Good URL. Here is the Deposition of Gary Millin in BMG Canada v John Doe: