Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New web site, Fair Trade Music U.S.

We are pleased to see a new web site, Fair Trade Music U.S., which exemplifies the kind of grassroots organizing that can help to defeat the RIAA litigation machine.

Among other things this new site provides several methods of contributing financially to the defense of one of the RIAA's many frivolous cases, Capitol v. Weed, in Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

Ray, I have a question about the process.

"On June 21,2006, Plaintiffs sent a letter to Defendant's then wife, Pamela Howell,
advising her that she had been sued for copyright infringement but had not yet been named as a defendant."

"The June 21,2006 letter expressly advised Defendant of the duty to preserve evidence:"

Since no lawsuit had been filed, was the "Defendant" under any legal obligation to preserve evidence?

Ask Rocco said...

What is most interesting about these letters from the Plaintiffs is that they all state, alongside the spoiliation warning, that they already have enough evidence to prove their case. This same language is used in the letters from HRO as well as Shook Bacon.
Kathleen Williamson, Esq.