Friday, August 08, 2008

Patry Copyright blog to restore old posts

We have received word from Jon Newton at p2pnet that The Patry Copyright Blog will be restoring many of the old posts, and will be creating an archive organized by subject matter.

Welcome news.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like one lesson to be learned here is: Don't be so quick to delete old posts. You may want them back some day and it's hard to both delete them, and to recover them afterwords.


Alter_Fritz said...

Well, I doubt that it would be hard for the google company blogger to simply batch switch the "deleted" bit value for all his manually deleted post.

Remember boys and girls, the internet does not forget, and as even the RIAA "experts" know, if you delete something on a computer system it will not be gone, it will just be marked as "ready to be overwritten again" once you ran out of free diskspace elsewhere.
Since at least on the gmail welcome page the counter of available space is rising every second, I doubt google was/is in serious need for the space that Mr Patry's deleted postings occupied.

I wildly speculate here that they jsut made him done it by hand deliberately to teach him a lesson not to do such community unfriendly things again.
One of those magician admins at the blogger company would be probalby able to just have ticked the checkbox in some supadupaadmin interface that had all the postings nicely republished in a well archived form :-P