Thursday, August 07, 2008

MediaSentry hired by Peoples Republic of China reports that MediaSentry has been hired by the Peoples Republic of China.

[Ed.note. Glad to see MediaSentry has found another RIAA-type customer. -R.B.]

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Scott said...

Well, I for one am NOT glad they are working for China. If their role in the RIAA extortion racket is any indication, a lot of innocent Chinese people will be jailed or executed for economic crimes based on the "evidence" they provide.

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes the claim that they are not generally holding themselves out for hire, and are directly working for an attorney. Pretty hard to make that claim when you're working for another national government.


mr. potato head said...

What the . . . ?!!

You know, they're a little tone-deaf when it comes to publicity and corporate relations, aren't they? Especially at this point of time with the greater visibility due to the Olympics and all.

Not exactly the kind of client you want to list on your website! I can see it come up in court:

"So tell me, Mediasentry, who are some of your other clients, besides the RIAA?"

"Well, there's, er . . . the People's Republic of China, among others."

"I see. A totalitarian, human-rights-sapping government agency. Any others?"

"Well . . . there's the Nazis . . . "

This is better than satire, it's burlesque!

Anonymous said...

I am sure the Chinese will be thrilled to find out that MediaSentry/Safenet “has no role other than to find that computer by connecting to KaZaA users as any other user would, and then providing to Plaintiffs the internet protocol (“IP”) address of the infringer, inter alia, from which defendant accessed KaZaA”. as their counsel Mr. Mullaney has explained.