Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RIAA executive Kenneth Doroshow moves from record industry to gaming industry

I guess we may have to rename this blog "Gaming Industry vs. The People" some day, as we have just learned that Kenneth Doroshow -- the RIAA executive who was supposed to debate the statutory damages issue with me back in March, but who chose to avoid that subject and instead recounted his opinion of the facts in Capitol v. Thomas, and who later inserted some paper he'd written into the transcript of the conference instead of allowing his talk to be reported -- has left the RIAA and joined the ESA (the "Entertainment Software Association").

If he accomplishes for game manufacturers what he accomplished for the recording industry, I would say the industry's prospects are bleak.

Commentary & discussion:

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Scott said...

Hmmm... More anecdotal evidence that the RIAA is scared to death of the statutory damages issue?

Anonymous said...

Great, now he can bring the same vigilante-styled justice to the ESA. At least this round we'll have a good idea of what they'll be trying to do.

Somehow, I see a game where you have to hunt down and stop software and music pirates in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Rats jumping off the sinking ship?