Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Elektra v. Schwartz, case against Queens woman with Multiple Sclerosis, settled

Elektra v. Schwartz, the case against a Queens woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, and for whom a guardian ad litem was appointed, has been settled.

In addition to being represented by the guardian ad litem, Eli Uncyk, Esq., a partner in Uncyk,Borenkind & Nadler, located in Manhattan, Ms. Schwartz was represented in the settlement by Jimmy Lathrop, Esq., whose office is in Brooklyn.

The document which has been filed, is silent as to the terms of the settlement.

Stipulation of dismissal with prejudice

Commentary & discussion:

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Scott said...

Ray, I hope you got paid, but I'm sure we'll never know. M. Schwartz was fortunate to have your vigorous representation.

Alter_Fritz said...

Ray was only initially the lawyer that protected her from those sociopath lawyers working for evil4.
If you will an emergency bodyguard with his lawyer kung fu skills

It was Jimmy Lathrop who was her "real" lawyer that together with the GAL brought this one case of terror to an end!

So thanks must go to those two, but of course Ray gets a pad on his back too for all the good he is doing :-)

raybeckerman said...

alter_fritz, i have no idea what you mean.... i was her "real" lawyer until jimmy lathrop became her "real" lawyer....

Alter_Fritz said...

Sorry ray, I guess then I either misunderstood or had it wrongly in mind that I thought to remember that you had written in one of the briefs back then that it is not even clear if the GAL will appoint you as her lawyer once the GAL is there to decide what is in the best interest for Ms. Schwartz.