Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kazaa, RIAA's business partner, referring to Jammie Thomas case in advertising

According to this article in, Kazaa, which is now a business partner of the RIAA/Big 4 record companies, is referring to the Jammie Thomas-Rasset case in its advertising, saying "they" are going to "come at you like they came at tereastarr".

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The Common Man Speaking said...

Doesn't she own the copyright to her own name and alias(es)?

Can she claim defamation?

Is that false advertising since the RIAA says that they are no longer pursuing such suits?

Anonymous said...

Using such a slogan among the younger generation will only remind them to look on the label of the CD's they are about to buy...."wait...these are the people that sued Jammie" No one at the RIAA or their supporters ever claimed to have common sense, for if they did, they would not continue to sue their customers.

Oldphart in Kansas

usagemayvary said...

Is there some legal standing that the RIAA is going against in doing a: exactly what they claimed they aren't and b: essentially defamation/possibly libel, Ray? Only wondering, not stating with certainty.