Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second day of SONY v Tenenbaum trial concluded #jfb

The second day of the SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum trial has been concluded.

The Court's docket entry is as follows:

Electronic Clerk's Notes for proceedings held before Judge Nancy Gertner: Jury Trial DAY 2 (TUES) held on 7/28/2009.Openings and Evidence begins; Plf calls 1st witness P-1 Wade Leak; P-2 Chris Connelly; P-3 James D. Chappel; P-4 Arthur Tenebaum; Plf calls Abigail Nathan and Tova Tenebaum by depo, deposition read by Justine Simisky, court adjourned. (Court Reporter: O'Hara.)(Attorneys present: Atty Reynolds, Cloherty, Oppenheim, Nesson, Kamholtz, Feinberg) (Molloy, Maryellen)

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