Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lava v. Amurao appeal to be argued September 23rd in morning

We've just received word that the appeal in Lava Records v. Amurao, the "throwing in the towel" attorneys fees suit pending in the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, will be argued on Wednesday, September 23rd, on the 10:00 A.M. calendar.

The proceedings are open to the public.

This appeal involves whether the RIAA can be held liable for the defendant's attorneys fees.

The argument was initially scheduled for May 19th, but Timothy Reynolds, representing the RIAA, requested and received an adjournment, on the alleged ground that he had a "trial" scheduled for May 18th, in an unnamed case. We have never heard a word of any such trial.

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Jadeic said...

So why can Reynolds be held to account and required to name said trial?

Anonymous said...

Jadeic, I think you're asking why we can't make Reynolds say where he was. The appeals court could have insisted (but apparently didn't) for the information.

And obviously Amurao wants the appeal to get going soon because, among other things, the RIAA is pursuing a case against his daughter before paying attorneys fees for the case they lost against him.