Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marc Bourgeois to cover Sony BMG Music Entertainment v. Joel Tenenbaum trial in person

Hello everyone,

I'm Marc W. Bourgeois, and I will be providing on-site coverage of the Sony BMG Music Entertainment v. Joel Tenenbaum trial as was done with Capitol v. Thomas-Rasset.

I currently work for a Madison, WI based online retailer managing system and network infrastructure. I've previously worked for the information technology department at the University of Wisconsin, Division of University Housing, where a portion of my job responsibilities included the processing of copyright related cease-and-desist (DMCA) notifications and the technical aspects relating to the recording industry pre-litigation campaign targeting colleges and universities. [I should note that while Joel Tenenbaum was a college student at the time of the alleged copyright infringement he was not living in a University operated residence facility, and the incarnation of the pre-litigation program of which I was involved had not yet been created.]

While I anticipate my twitter updates may be less frequent during this trial than the previous, I will also be providing them at:

Thank you and I look forward to providing readers this first-hand perspective of events this week.

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Jadeic said...

Many thanks again Marc for putting yourself out in this way. Much against the RIAA wishes news and events of these proceedings will be broadcast one way or another.


Eric said...

Looks like it's going to another short trial.