Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Recording Industry vs The People passes 3 million visitor mark

We are pleased to report that "Recording Industry vs. The People" has passed the 3 million visitor mark. Since we began counting, we have had 3,027,314 visitors, and 4,343,631 page views. We presently average 2000 visitors a day.

Thank you all for your support.


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Michael Donnelly said...


Quite the number! But, really, you have to ask yourself some serious questions.

How many complaints have you filed? Ex parte discovery tricks followed by lump sum demands? Ruined lives? Sued the dead, insane, bedridden, or just the wrong person altogether? Blatantly contradicted yourself in two different actions?

You're doing this all wrong, man. With 3 million visitors, just think of how many opportunities have slipped right through your fingers.

;) All seriousness aside, congrats.

T2 said...

Congratulations, and thank you for your informative blog. Though I may not always agree with your assessments, opinions and predictions, you have done an exemplary job allowing dissenting views to be expressed via comments. That is admirable and fosters a better understanding of the interests, biases, and positions of the different parties to the copyright debate. It is reflected in the quality of many of your commentators that are often insightful and helpful, rather than banner-bearing fanatics. Well done, keep it up, and thank you.