Thursday, July 09, 2009

Prof. Nesson responds to Order to Show Cause

Prof. Nesson has filed his response to the order to show cause in SONY BMG Music Entertainment. v. Tenenbaum.

Response to order to show cause

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The Common Man Speaking said...

Professor Nesson sounds quite reasonable in his filing here.

And what he alleges of RIAA's motives and actions are certainly in line with their past practices as observed from here.

Dan Brooks said...

Mr. Beckerman-

First, your blog is incredible, and, some years after the fact, you should compile this material, with your opinions about the various proceedings in these cases, into a book of some sort. I am greatly appreciative of your efforts.

As a non-lawyer, the access you provide to these trials seems remarkable. Job extremely well done!

Second, this particular trial seems to get stranger and stranger by the day. Is this not one of the most odd legal proceedings ever conducted?

Respectfully and thankfully,

raybeckerman said...


1. Thank you for your kind words.

2. Yes this case is being strangely litigated indeed. It plays into the RIAA's hands to deflect attention from the important issues.