Thursday, February 05, 2009

Gizmodo and Slashdot comment on Obama appointees from RIAA law firms

Gizmodo and Slashdot have interesting comments on President Obama's selection of RIAA lawyers to fill key Department of Justice Spots:


[Ed. note. I can only hope that the President stays true to his word, and these guys are kept far away from copyright infringement cases. -R.B.]

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As this man sees it, President Barrack Obama's record of keeping his word has not been promising so far.

While his presidency is still in its infancy his attempts to drastically lower expectations from his lofty campaign promises, hire lobbyists despite promising not to, appoint tax cheats "because we need them" despite promising the best of ethics, and offer "change" from the past in Washington all the while hiring innumerable William Jefferson Clinton administration leftovers does not bode well so far.

This man is not holding his breath that these men with such vested interests to serve in the copyright industry will not prove very influential in this area.

Full Disclosure: This man did not vote for Barrack Obama.

{The Common Man Speaking}