Wednesday, February 25, 2009 reports: TuneCore rolls out new awards to compete with RIAA 'gold' & 'platinum'

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TuneCore rolls out new awards to compete with RIAA's gold, platinum

Move over, gold and platinum album awards. Here come the black, silver and white awards for sales of Internet downloads.

Starting next month, TuneCore – the Brooklyn-based music distribution service that allows independent artists to sell their songs on iTunes, eMusic, and other Internet retailers – will start handing out sales awards of its own to celebrate the successes of the new business model.

Nine Inch Nails will receive the first black TuneCore award for selling more than 500,000 songs from its “Ghosts I-IV” album set at Internet retailers.

However, the recipients of the silver awards (for 250,000 download sales) and white awards (for 100,000 sales) are a mix of music veterans and newcomers....
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Recording Industry vs. The People is an "affiliate" publisher of TuneCor. The following is my personal favorite of their ads:

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