Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tanya Andersen speaks out on Brittany Kruger case

Another great story from Jon Newton at, showing the human side of the RIAA litigations.

After reading the letter sent to Jon by Brittany's father, Randy, Tanya Andersen, a long-time victim of the RIAA's senseless litigation campaign, was moved by the story of the RIAA's persecution of Brittany Kruger to write:

The way Randy Kruger wrote this letter was perfect. It sincerely touched my heart. It describes so well what fighting the RIAA feels like including how it affects everyone around them. The RIAA changes your life and makes you live in a constant state of fear, intimidation and feel like your privacy is constantly violated.
These people that work for these companies that pursue the lawsuits, I don’t understand. I guess it’s all about money to them; and they somehow make themselves feel okay about totally destroying another human beings life......
Complete article (Read it!)

[Ed. note. Day after day for the past four years I have spoken with the good people from all across the country -- people like Randy and Brittany and Tanya -- whose lives have been made hell by the vermin who brought this plague of unnecessary and mean spirited litigation down upon our nation. Being a litigation lawyer I try to stay focused on the law and the facts (unlike my adversaries, who make it up as they go along in order to serve their Masters). My basic job has been to get the litigation documents on line so there will be a record, and to assist other lawyers helping defendants in these cases, on both substantive and procedural legal issues. But I am deeply thankful for someone like Jon Newton, who day in and day out has been doing a fantastic job of telling us about the human side of these cases. My hat is off to him, and I thank him. And I will say that when the judgment day comes, my guess is that a million Matthew Oppenheims, and a million Richard Gabriels, and a million Timothy Reynolds', won't be worth a single Tanya Andersen. -R.B.]

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1 comment: said...

As a person who used to write one or two articles per day on I think few people realize how hard that is... Jon does many many more articles everyday and has been for years, thats hard work and dedication to what a person believes in right there.

Like a lot of people I confess, we at eZee follow Jon's post on a nearly daily basis and have for quite some time.

I finally do have a bone to pick with this blog though, I really cant understand how you can write
"Matthew Oppenheim","Richard Gabriel", "Timothy Reynolds" and "that ladies" name in the same paragraph... I think its just wrong to mention those low lifes (people with no morals) compared to a decent,compassionate and true lady.

But I guess its hard to speak about good without evil being in the picture as well.