Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Patti Santangelo v RIAA: the path of courage" -

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Patti Santangelo v RIAA: the path of courage

p2pnet news view RIAA | P2P:- Patti Santangelo is a wonderful person and I’m really glad for her and two of her five children, Michelle and Bobby, that the RIAA’s vicious war against them is now all-but over.

They were the first family to really put up a fight against Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony BMG and their RIAA and it could be said they paved the way for many, if not most, of other RIAA victims who, inspired by her example, decided they weren’t going to take it either.

Tanya Andersen is now famous as the woman who took the RIAA on and won. And as she told me this morning, that might never have happened had it not been for Patti’s example.

“Her case was the one that got me going,” Tanya said. “When the RIAA came after me, I didn’t know anything and it was only by reading about Patti that I was able to get any information.

“She stood up against them and made other people understand they could do the same.”
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