Wednesday, February 04, 2009

RIAA serves defendant with summons and complaint on January 20th

According to court papers in Interscope Records v. Paul, a Massachusetts case, the RIAA served a summons and complaint upon the defendant on January 20th, more than a month after its announcement that it was ceasing its mass litigation program.

Declaration of service

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Alter_Fritz said...

out of fairness (and before Mr. BS [I like that one, thanks ezee for sharing your intellectual property in that idea!] touts how this blog twists the facts)

Obviously it is an old case from before september last year!

See the second page where another server indicates that several tries to serve her in september 08 failed!

Evil 4 is bad enough, no need to fuel the fire they are already roasting in with a bit inaccurate informations. said...

RIAA caught in their lies again!
Ohh Noes! Who would have 'thunk' it?

Anybody keeping score here? Whats it now?
RIAA Truth - 0
RIAA Lies - 973437632 (and counting)

Sorry, my numbers might be a bit off.. i think i made a mistake with the truth counter.., last I checked it was somewhere in the minus.

@Alter, you're welcome ;)