Saturday, February 14, 2009

Universal v. Hogan settled

Just for the record, the highly publicized California MPAA case, Universal City Studios v. Hogan, based upon a single download of "Meet the Fokkers", in which the defendant was reputed to be an internet millionaire, was settled in 2007.

Stipulation of Voluntary Dismissal

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Anonymous said...

I assume this means the MPAA dropped their case and Hogan dropped any counterclaims, and no money or expression of guilt or innocence occurred. Hogan incurred cost, but no precedent was set. I also noticed Hogan's blog ended April of that year, without a comment or anything. It would be nice to have him speak up since he made such a commotion when the case started, you guys should contact him for a comment.

raybeckerman said...

Anonymous, your assumptions are totally unfounded. As I have repeatedly reminded readers on this blog you cannot tell from such a settlement document what the terms of the settlement are. Hogan could have paid them a million dollars; they could have paid Hogan a million dollars; the settlement tells you NOTHING other than that the case is over.

Yes it would have been nice, in view of all the public statements Mr. Hogan made when he was in fighting mode, to have had some sort of announcement from him when he settled.