Monday, October 08, 2007

Jammie Thomas to Appeal!!!

Just got word that Jammie Thomas is filing an appeal from the verdict in Virgin v. Thomas (renamed Capitol v. Thomas), in which a jury awarded the RIAA a verdict of $222,000, based on a finding Ms. Thomas infringed $23.76 worth of recordings.

Contributions to Ms. Thomas's defense can be made via PayPal at or by check, payable to "Jammie Thomas Defense Fund", and mailed to

Jammie Thomas Defense Fund
c/o Chestnut & Cambronne
Suite 3700, 222 South Ninth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Commentary & discussion:
Knoxville News Sentinel
Ars Technica
Heise Online (German)
Privacy Digest
Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Unknown said...

I hope she comes with a better defensive strategy than ripping a CD. I was hoping the RIAA's shady data collection techniques would have been exposed or affirmation that an ip address and screenshot is not proof of anything, but that was not even touched on from what I read.

JoeVet said...

Good for her. Unfortunately the RIAA is currently carpet bombing her donation site with propaganda. Its really sad to see a multinational corporation attacking an individual by stooping to the kind of juvenile behavior seen on Don't let that discourage your donations. In fact seeing the RIAA response to the site will make some of us dig deeper.

Gnuosphere said...

Laws against the sharing of published works are unjust. There are plenty of rights that can be reserved through copyright yet allow citizens to share culture.

raybeckerman said...

I'm not aware of any law "against sharing".