Friday, October 19, 2007

RIAA Objects to Magistrate Judge's Rulings in Atlantic v. Andersen

The RIAA has filed objections to the Magistrate's rulings in Atlantic v. Andersen, that (a) defendant should be permitted to withdraw her counterclaims without prejudice, and (b) defendant should be awarded attorneys fees.

RIAA's Objection to Magistrate's Order Permitting Counterclaims to be Withdrawn Without Prejudice*
RIAA Objection to Magistrate's Order Granting Ms. Andersen's Attorneys Fees Motion*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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1 comment:

David said...

Outrageous (that the RIAA continues to maintain that this Defendant actually did it regardless of the evidence actually presented for scrutiny)!

Defamation (is what she should be filing against them for their continuing outrageous statements against her)!

Disgusting (is the RIAA's obvious belief that they can bankrupt you in court for daring to defy their settlement demands, then walk away scott-free without ever having to actually prove a single fact on the merits)!

Mind-Boggling (is the Plaintiff's contention that they actually had strong evidence against the Defendant, flogged this case for two years, then cut and ran with prejudice the moment it became Put Up or Shut Up)!

Blatant-Lying (is the Plaintiff's statement that awarding of fees to the Defendant wouldn't advance the purposes of the Copyright Act)!

Chilling (is the effect a proper awarding of fees should have on the RIAA itself, and its campaign of terror)!

Unsurprised (the reaction of anyone who knows the history of the RIAA's litigation campaign to this Outrageous, Defaming, Disgusting, Mind-Boggling, Blatant-Lying, Chilling filing)!