Tuesday, October 02, 2007

RIAA Tries to Get Discovery Ruling Without First Consulting Adversary in Lava v. Amurao; Court Schedules October 5th Conference

In Lava v. Amurao it appears that the RIAA attempted to get a discovery ruling from the Judge -- including an order deeming its requests for admission to be admitted -- without first trying to resolve the matter with its adversary, which would be contrary to the Court's rules.

The Court scheduled an October 5th conference.

Notification of Conference*
September 27, 2007, Letter of Richard Altman to Judge Brieant*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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AMD FanBoi said...

From the outside it appears that the Plaintiff's lawyers are trying to cut corners now. Perhaps they simply don't have time with all the cases they're now needing to handle to do things in the proper and courteous manner.

Alter_Fritz said...

2.No profanity.
7.No [...] anti-lawyer [...] insults [...]

Damn! And I had such an urge to post something about RIAA-Richard2 after learning about his newest play from the Lawyer-Thugs playbook. :-(

raybeckerman said...

amd...... it's got nothing to do with cutting corners....it's got to do with "sharp practice"..... they try to get cheap advantages all the time....

alter..... thanks for deleting the expletives... i have to do that with everything i write in these cases...