Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Richard Gabriel Asks Jammie Thomas about "Recording Industry vs. The People" on the witness stand

We were honored to see, in the Day 2 report of Ars Technica's Eric Bangeman, that Richard Gabriel has once again been good enough to call the Court's attention to our blog:

This afternoon also marked the appearance of Jammie Thomas on the stand. She was called by the plaintiffs immediately after lunch, who started by questioning her about her experience with computers. After establishing that she has accounts with, MySpace, plays games online, and has an Internet account at home, Gabriel then asked her if she posted to the "anti-RIAA blog" Recording Industry vs. The People under the username "tereastarr." After answering in the affirmative, questioning then turned to whether there was another PC in her home the night Media Sentry discovered the tereastarr@KaZaA account. She said that there was not.
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Peter Logan said...

Anyone opposed to the outrageous ruling against Jammie Thomas can show their support by donating to a special fund set up in her name.

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