Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Litigation documents from Capitol v. Thomas available online at Justia

Thanks to Keith Henning of the intellectual property law blog for pointing out that a full set of the filed litigation documents in Capitol v. Thomas is being maintained online by the legal research web site at the following URL:

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Contributions to Ms. Thomas's defense can be made via PayPal at or by check, payable to "Jammie Thomas Defense Fund", and mailed to

Jammie Thomas Defense Fund
c/o Chestnut & Cambronne
Suite 3700, 222 South Ninth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402.

1 comment:

Alter_Fritz said...

now that's indeed worth a "thanks" to Mr. Henning.
Interesting site he tipped you/us off about.

*wink* to P&F who also do a good work in hosting PDFs Ray provides them with.
Such a layout/design where all documents filed in one case can easily be found via a directory entry might be useful there too.